Complete Flexibility For Your Pet!

Chelmsford Bunny Lodge offers complete flexibility for your pets, with fully air-conditioned facilities and dedicated outside exercise areas that are designed for individual rabbits, Guinea Pigs, bonded pairs, or larger groups. Flexible stays are available, from simple day care, through to extended holiday care. For the benefit of all of our guests all rabbits must be vaccinated and evidence is requested before all stays commence. We encourage all owners to bring their own regular bunny food to help minimise stress and reduce digestive issues during a rabbit’s stay. We also pride ourselves on high quality care and take all precautions to ensure your beloved pets are kept safe and enjoy their stay with us!


  • Open Living Area (indoors)
  • Air Conditioned Building
  • 6ft  x 3ft x 3ft
  • Hideaway
  • Litter Tray
  • Play Tunnel
  • Food/Water bowls
  • Water bottle

We also encourage all our guests to bring their own personal toys, cushions and blankets to help enhance their rabbit’s stay with us and make them feel at home.

​£8.50 per night single rabbit/guinea pig
£11 per night groups (max 2 rabbits or 6 guinea pigs)


  • Open Living Area (indoors)
  • Air Conditioned Building
  • 6ft  x 6ft x 3ft
  • Hideaways
  • Litter Trays
  • Play Tunnels
  • Food/Water bowls
  • Water bottles

Our large lodges are designed to be big enough for a bonded pair of rabbits or a large group of guinea pigs to comfortably live for extended periods while staying with us.

​£20 per night for multiple guests (max 4 rabbits)


  • Premium Lodge (outdoors)
  • Sheltered from elements
  • 6ft  x 6ft x 2ft (Two Storey)
  • 2 Sleeping Areas
  • Ramp
  • Litter Trays
  • Food/Water bowls
  • Water bottles

Our large outdoor hutches are perfectly suited for guests used to living in the great outdoors. Be it outdoor rabbits or a large group of guinea pigs. Our outdoor hutches are a comfortable alternative to one of our indoor lodges.

£7.50 per night single rabbit/guinea pig
£10 per night groups (max 2 rabbits or 6 guinea pigs)


    • Air Conditioned Building (indoors)
    • Purpose built
    • 5ft  x 2.5ft x 1.5ft
    • Hideaways
    • Litter Trays
    • Food/Water bowls
    • Water bottles

Lined with either hay, wood shavings, or ‘vet bed’ depending on the guest’s requirements. Sheltered in the corner of our lodge, these enclosures offer a snug and safe holiday home for your pets.

£7.50 per night single guinea pig (max 2 guinea pigs)


    • Individual care
    • True house rabbit environment
    • Bespoke 1 on 1 care if required


With our breadth of experience, we are often requested to care for individual small pets with special needs or that are used to living in a home. We are experienced and capable of caring for animals with significant medical conditions and are also able to dispense medicines with owner consent. Facilities are available inside our main property where 1 to 1 care can be provided if necessary.

Please contact for requirements



“Left my little ones with these people for a weekend and as far as I can tell they thoroughly enjoyed it! Lovely little place, friendly and I have booked 3 more weekends away over the coming summer!”

(Google Review)

“Couldn’t recommend Chelmsford bunny lodge enough to anyone looking this is the place you need we already have them booked in for another couple of stays!! Thank you so much”

(Facebook Review)

“We left our two bunnies with this lovely lady for just over a week, she’s clearly a big fan of rabbits and cares a great deal for the animals. You can even get a webcam to check in on them whilst you’re away!”

(Google Review)


​In selected lodges, we now have the additional feature of mobile app web cameras. Perfect for smaller children, longer holidays, or those owners who struggle to be separated from their beloved rabbits. Our internet based cameras are accessible through a simple free iPhone or Android app.
​Each visitor will be set up with a unique access password which will allow them to gain 24hr access to their own pet’s lodge any time they have internet access. The cameras can be moved through the app, as well as used during the night, with built in night vision. ​

– Private access
– Driven by free mobile phone app
​- Moveable to track your pet
​- Perfect for worried owners or young children
– (Small additional charge applies)