The Best in Small Pet Boarding!



Flexible Booking Options

With day care, through to long term boarding, we offer a flexible approach to looking after your Rabbits or Guinea Pigs. Booking is made simple through either phone, email or our online booking form. Essex Rabbit Boarding at its finest!

Regular Contact

While you are away, we welcome contact through telephone, email or facebook to ask for updates on your beloved animals, helping ensure you are comfortable they are safe and secure

We Have Fun!

Dedicated play time in our custom built outside exercise area, as well as lots of cuddles and attention (for those who want it!) is offered to all our guests while boarding at our rabbit kennels in Chelmsford

Lodge Webcams Available

In selected lodges at Chelmsford Bunny Lodge, we now have the additional feature of mobile app web cameras. Perfect for smaller children, longer holidays, or those owners who struggle to be separated from their beloved bunny. Our internet based cameras are accessible through a simple free iPhone or Android app.

​Each rabbit or guinea pig will be set up with a unique access password which will allow owners to gain 24hr access to their own pet’s lodge any time they have internet access. The cameras can be moved through the app, as well as used during the night, with built in night vision.

“Left my little ones with these people for a weekend and as far as I can tell they thoroughly enjoyed it! Lovely little place, friendly and I have booked 3 more weekends away over the coming summer!” Google Reviewer

“Couldn’t recommend Chelmsford bunny lodge enough to anyone looking this is the place you need we already have them booked in for another couple of stays!! Thank you so much” Facebook Reviewer

“We left our two bunnies with this lovely lady for just over a week, she’s clearly a big fan of rabbits and cares a great deal for the animals. You can even get a webcam to check in on them whilst you’re away!” Google Reviewer


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