Frequently asked questions

What to expect…

If you haven’t boarded a pet with us before, you surely have questions you would like answered. Most of the common questions are covered below, but should you have any further questions or concerns, then please do not hesitate to call us or drop us an email.

Who are you?

​I’m a pet lover who set up our business because I couldn’t find suitable accommodation for my 2 house bunnies when I went on holiday. I am an experienced pet owner, particularly with rabbits and felt this was a service I could offer.

We take our responsibility of looking after your pets very seriously so have ensured we have sourced the highest quality items for our lodge – making sure it is somewhere I would be happy to leave my own pets.

We are fully insured as a Small Animal Boarding Business with Petplan Sanctuary.

Where are you?

We are based just 1.5 miles from the centre of Chelmsford, off Broomfield Road so we feel we offer a great central location without having to travel too far out of town.

What is the accommodation?

​We offer hutch free accommodation in our converted secure summer house/lodge (which is heated or cooled as needed plus we provide our guests with Snugglesafe heat or cool pads as needed). The lodge has 7 enclosures, each 6ft x 3ft (3ft high) however, 2 of these can be joined to create a 6ft x 6ft enclosure or 2 can be joined to make a 12ft x 3ft enclosure if required.

Our enclosures are made with 1 inch 16 gauge animal wire as recommended. The areas between guests have double wire with an inch space between them. We have used wire to give our guests a feeling of space and companionship with our other guests. We have units which are fully enclosed (ie wooden sides) for any guests that will not wish to see other guests.

If you feel your bunny is an escape artist and 3ft isn’t high enough for them, we have a wire ‘lid’ which will stop them being able to get out of the top of the unit but still give them the feeling of space.

Our lodge is alarmed, locked and has 24hr CCTV to enable us to review all our guests.

What does the accommodation include?

​The accommodation includes a hideaway, litter tray, paper/wood based litter (no saw dust is used as some bunnies are sensitive to it), plastic tunnels, willow chew sticks and toys. We provide food bowls and water bowls or bottles depending upon what your bunny prefers.

We will provide your bunny with a constant supply of hay and fresh veg/herbs/fruit treats each day following your guidelines of what they have had before as we don’t want to introduce something they haven’t had while they are in our care.

What do I need to bring?

​We ask you to bring your bunny’s normal food with them to avoid any change to it and minimise any gastric issues.

We recommend you bring anything from home that you think will help your bunny feel at home like blankets or toys. You can also bring their own bowls, hay racks or anything else that you feel they may feel better having with them.

What else do I need to know?

​For the health and safety of all our guests (and my own 2 rabbits) we are only able to accept rabbits who have had their vaccinations for the following at least 3 weeks before visiting us:

· Myxomatosis
· R(V)HD – Rabbit (Viral) Haemorrhagic Disease
· R(V)HD2 – Rabbit (Viral) Haemorrhagic Disease 2
We will require proof of vaccinations and boosters (your vet should give you a ‘pet passport’ which is updated each time). If you do not have this or have misplaced it we will ask for your vets contact details so we can check with them.

We recommend that you have treated your rabbits for worms and fly strike before they visit us, however this is at your own discretion.

Upon booking with us we will ask about any known or existing conditions. Rabbits must be in good health when left with us so we will also conduct a health check with you upon arrival to ensure your rabbit is OK to leave with us.

What is your daily routine?

​All rabbits will be fed their normal pellets twice a day (approx. 7am and 7pm). Their litter trays will be cleaned as will their enclosures, hay replenished, and water refreshed at each of these times.

They will be provided with fresh veg once a day (subject to the details you provide of what they have had before).

Each guest will receive supervised play time/cuddle time each day depending on the instructions you leave with us. You will need to provide prior agreement if you are happy for them to go into communal play areas (either inside or outside depending upon the weather).

On guest change over days we have a full clean and disinfecting and sanitising programme for the enclosure and all items within it. We use products from GHS-Direct (which are biodegradable, animal safe and also have the ‘leaping rabbit’ recognition for not being tested on animals).

What if my bunny gets sick?

​When you book with us we ask for your contact details and those of someone you authorise to act on your behalf if we are unable to get in contact with you.
We will ensure we have details of your own vet and any insurance you have for your rabbit. We will seek to contact you immediately if there is a medical emergency but will ask you to authorise us to seek suitable care if we are unable to get in contact with you.

How do I book?

​Please use our online booking form, or alternatively phone us with your preferred dates, length of stay, preferred enclosure size and details of your rabbit/rabbits. We will ask for a 25% non refundable deposit at the time of booking to secure your dates and a further 50% non refundable balance one month prior to the start date of our guests stay. The balance is due on or prior to drop off. Please note – we are only able to accept rabbit guests where you can provide evidence of vaccinations, please ensure you have this prior to paying your deposits.

We recommend booking early to avoid disappointment, especially if you require our 6ft x 6ft or 12ft x 3ft enclosures.


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